The Fools & Kings Project is dedicated to bringing accessible, engaging theater to New York City and its surrounding areas, with an emphasis on Shakespeare and other classical texts. Simple yet compelling design, combined with a fast-paced, high-stakes approach creates powerful, enticing productions which attract the expert and novice alike.

 JUSTIN P. armstrong ( laertes ) in rehearsal for "Hamlet"

JUSTIN P. armstrong (laertes) in rehearsal for "Hamlet"

Hamlet opens September 8th

"Hamlet" performs September 8th - 30th at Denny Farrell Riverbank State Park and Summit Rock.

Click below for more info about dates and times!

Want a sneak peek? Check out our teaser trailer!

Photos from "Winter's Tale"

Photos are now up from our beautiful production of "Winter's Tale" earlier this year.

Please enjoy and we look forward to seeing you soon for Hamlet!

 from left to right: ian fraser ( clown),  tucker dally johnston ( antigonus ), kate hopkins ( mopsa ), Liz tancredi ( dorcas )

from left to right: ian fraser (clown), tucker dally johnston (antigonus), kate hopkins (mopsa), Liz tancredi (dorcas)

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