We hope you enjoy these pictures from our powerful production of

"Julius Caesar" in September 2015!

Directed by Kristen Penner

Fight Direction by Jason Paul Tate


in alphabetical order

Nikita Chaudhry (Calpurnia/Soothsayer), Katya Collazo (Ligarius/Lucilius/Cicero), Kisky Holwerda (Mark Antony), Lorelei Mackenzie (Caesar/Octavius), Melissa Meli (Caius Cassius), Shannon Paul (Casca/Messala), Zoey Rutherford (Portia/Lucius), Callan Suozzi-Rearic (Decius Brutus/Titinius), Courtney A.Vinson (Pindarus/Cinna/Cinna the Poet), Vanessa Wendt (Marcus Brutus)

Stage Manager - Liza Penney